T-Sacs / Tea Filters


Make your own teabags with these tea filters. T-sacs are hassle free tea filters that give you all the benefits of drinking lose leaf tea with the convenience of a tea bag. Easy to use, simply spoon your loose tea or herbs into the t-sac and pop it into your cup or teapot.

T-sac tea filters are disposable, biodegradable single use unbleached paper filters for loose tea. They have a gusset bottom and long extension flap that makes them the best do it yourself teabag on the market! T-sac tea filters are available in 2 sizes, are easy to fill, and clean up is easy! Used t-sac's make great compost

Size 1:  1 cup teabag (100 t scas)

Size 2:  1 to 4 cup teabag (100 t sacs)

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